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22 Dec 19 - I'm migrating this site to be more of a blog. This is a work-in-progress.

Learn SWIFT in Mt. Vernon, NY

I am offering my expertise in Swift Programming for FREE to anyone 12 years old or over who is interested in learning this programming language and lives in the Mount Vernon area (zip code 10552). I am prototyping a learning group for the Swift Curriculum from Apple and am prepared to get started this winter of 2019/20 with:

Everyone Can Code - 15 three-hour sessions - students need an iPad running ios12 or newer.

I can accommodate up to five people per class, which will be held in a local studio. If you are a minor, you should bring an adult or guardian, who can also learn to code (or not).

Please contact me via email ( if you’d like to participate. If you don’t live in 10522, hold tight for now…

If you are worried about the future of Swift, it now seems possible to get third party certification as a Swift coder from Pearson and others.

After this winter's course I hope to set up another group to work on Intro to App Development with Swift - it will be twice as long and will need a Mac laptop, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

More About Apple Curriculum

Online Swift Resources and Courses

More About Me

Software Stuff:

I work at various software related endeavors:

software therapist

I read your team's code. We discuss your system and software problems, pay only when happy.

software coach

I am doing some freecoaching in my own neighborhood with the new Apple Swift Curriculum. latest post: learn swift in mt vernon

pro-bono software developer for Selfish Software

Projects I selfishly write. for myself and my music friends Projects I [write] for selfish/personal reasons. Mostly for myself and my music friends

open source

Here's the link to Medcommmons ⁃ A mothballed Internet Radiology Cloud Service built on Amazon Aws, source code in Java, JavaScript, PHP and objective C and is available on Github. Runner up finalist in 2008 Amazon Cloud Projects

Music Matters:

My friends and I have been playing in a few bands at various parties, bars, and other functions in Westchester, NY and lower Connecticut. We always appreciate more work.

Bands I play with

At age 50 my family gave me an electric piano and headphones. Nowadays I play keyboards with these guys PlanB and these guys AboutHalfDead. I also play with others who prefer to remain invisible.

I am pretty much the only one left in these two bands with any time to dink with our websites. After 15 years, they remain a work-in-progress

Contact me at to book the PlanB and Abhd bands. PlanB Bronxville has a page on Facebook.


Family Matters:

My own Millennial kids never cared much for code, but my grandkids will have to. So I am getting ready…

I have recently been shooting a bunch of photos with my new iPhone 11. I am particularly focused on black and white wide angle photography and posting some images on Instagram. But I am pretty disappointed with the way these photos are presented so I am looking for something better. And I have an IOS app on the bucket list that presents these same photos from Instagram in a full screen viewer.

contact me

send an email to


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