Bill's Stuff

In 2019 I am for the first time a grandfather and also on Medicare and Social Security.

I write freelance Swift code and play rock and roll a few miles from NYC. My LinkedIn page lists me as a Sofware Therapist. In the days of my youth I was a Software Architect and I still enjoy devouring piles of other people's code.

Mar 27, 2019 - New GigBrowser App in app store

Here's a slightly out of date CV: cv2016 resume. I started writing Fortran code in 1968 and have been tinkering wih sofware ever since.

Right now I am working on a Click Track App for Drummers, helping out on a Bluetooth IOS Midi Device Project, and committed to adding Siri to the GigBrowser

Book Bands:

Contact me at to book the PlanB and ABHD bands in Westchester, New York. PlanB Bronxville has a page on Facebook

Band Tapes:

These are pretty chaotic uploads from various sessions over the last 15 years. In April 2019 I made some firm promises to make this nice somehow. I am looking at amplitude js

Free Code:

contact: to join GigBrowser testflight distro


I am gone from Facebook except for band related matters for which I use a Fake Persona named "Sigmund Franklin". Btw, Sigmund has a whole fake family on Facebook

I don't ever visit linkedin. If you want Software Therapy, or a job reference, send me an email.

cv2016 resume. I am never really sure if I am looking for work but open to suggestions.

Older projects

These are quick older efforts. Feel free to take what you want:

older apps
web app servers: