SheetCheats9 IOS App

works on ios9.2 on up

SheetCheats9 Workflow

Music Files From EveryWhere -> ios Device -> Happiness

Import Files

Once content has been loaded it can be searched by typing a few characters in the search box or scrolling directly to the desired tune.

Organize Gigs and Sets

In SheetCheats, Gigs and Sets are defined by loading specially formatted CSV files

CSV File Format

Gig Section Editor

Live Performance

for a better experience onstage you can lock your iPad into Performance Mode on the settings screen

In performance mode the functions that update the SheetCheats data and user preferences are disabled.

Export and Share

These are deliberately hidden under “Recents” screen

export your recents and then go organize the CSV file as necessary to get a nice gig or set list

Get Sample Data Files

Here's a sample dir with just a few things:

samples dir

Here's a single zip file

one zip with all samples

A CSV file for the Setlists

Sample Setlist from the zip

In Mobile Safari Copy the link above, then Switch back to SheetCheats, and Paste info URL field

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