SheetCheats9 IOS App Beta

These instructions are for friends and family and TestFlight users

Get SheetCheats9 Over The Air for Beta-Testing

Its all happening over the air, no computer needed :)

What You Need

An iPhone or iPad running ios 9.3 or beyond. Works on my old style plug ipad 2. Works on my ipod touch 5.

Get The SheetCheats App

1 First, you must get a UDID and send it to us. (try this) We'll email you when you are ready to test.

2 Get SheetCheats9 IOS App

3 Once the IOS App is running, navigate to Settings>Import>Remote File URL and enter a URL to load up a zip or single file

Get The Data Files

Here's a sample file with just a few things:


Here's a single file with about 6400 tune variations:

ALL SHE WROTE to load into icloud: download this file, unpack this zip file into a folder into your Downloads directory, open a new Finder window, select iCloud and drag some or all files up to iCloud

A CSV file for Dylan Fans

Dylan Setlist RS Top 70

Stones - ongoing

Stones Setlist 538 seed

Beatles - ongoing

Beatles Setlist 538 seed

Grateful Dead - ongoing

Dead Setlist 538 seed

Clapton - ongoing

Clapton Setlist 538 seed

In Mobile Safari Copy the link above, then Switch back to SheetCheats, and Paste info URL field - take a 5 min break