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There are videos for the App Store which are limited to 30 seconds and are really just fast moving ads for GigBrowsers. And a bunch of pretty raw how to videos that ramble on until quicktime cut me off.

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The App Store wants an awful lot these days. This area is also used for communications between Design and Engineering.

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There's a stickerpack inclued with a bunch of musician images for your amusement. A future release will use these images in other parts of the applicaiton.

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Here's a sample dir with just a few things:

samples dir

Here's a single zip file

one zip with all samples


21 March 2019

My family gave me headphones and an electric piano 19 years ago so I could tinker at night without disturbing them. I had had some piano lessons as a child, but I was resistant to it all. My father, who had some experience with a sax insisted that I learn the chords so I could at least play something for fun. Until the age of 50 about all I played was Christmas tunes and the occasional song someone might sing.

The electric piano inspried me to take more lessons and ultimately to get involved in several bar bands. I was never very good at remembering more than 3 chords and have always relied a good deal on cheat sheets in all forms: paper, laptop, and eventually iPhone and iPad. So I have been tinkering with my own bands' requirements for a long time and many performances , generally playing in wifi-free and even cellular-free venues.

This then, is the latest embodient of the cheat sheet aggregator, running now on IOS 12 and the latest and biggest iPhones and iPads which I really need because of my declining eyesight. I am not only the author of GigBrowser, I am a real customer!

Ironically, after 19 years, I dont actually need the look at at cheat sheets for about 70% of the songs I am playing with my friends.