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I was fortunate to learn to code in Fortran on an IBM7094 when I was a sophmore in high school.

I coded a lot in college and then my first job took me to Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) to teach global customers how to program the computers. Back then it was about DEC Vax machines, now it’s about iPhones and Macs. Working for DEC Ed Services, we even had to develop our own curriculum and materials. But things have changed — quite a lot— since then. I believe Apple's materials are really good, and Swift is a good place to start a career, perhaps without a traditional college experience.

So now – with all this experience behind me -- I am offering my expertise in Swift Programming for FREE to anyone 12 years old or over who is interested in learning this programming language and lives in the Mount Vernon area (zip code 10552).

Now, courtesy of Apple, in 2020, we have a broad curriculum on a silver platter, and it is wonderfully detailed and intriguing : Materials For Students and Teachers From Apple. I'm going to learn how to teach this material

Very Short Bio

I am both a certified Apple Teacher and a Swift Playground Teacher. My certifications are down at the bottom of this page, and I am eager to investigate the new curriculum materials with some actual human students who would like to learn Swift.

After teaching for a few years at DEC I had a career in software engineering and management at both big corporations and small start-ups, I’ve worked on or as:

Here's a traditional resume.

contact me

send an email to billdonner@gmail.com

I am gone from Facebook except for band-related matters for which I use a Fake Persona named "Sigmund Franklin". Btw, Sigmund has a whole fake family on Facebook.

Despite hundreds of connections, I don't ever visit LinkedIn, so please don’t contact me there either. If you want Software Therapy, or a job reference, send me an email


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