How To Add A Page To Site 12/20/19

this site is maintained in github, and manually produced html is moved into the actual site by hand. We are fixing that ...

Add $PAGE$.md in Markdown, Add to Xcodeproj

you will see this project has No Scheme, that's fine, there is nothing to run, the project is just a container

Add $PAGE$-index.html empty file to Xcodeproj

this should be empty, we will tweak it immediately

Add TopPart.htm to top of new html

Probably want to change title

Add BottomPart.htm to bottom

Use to make html from $PAGE$.md

Works fine for now

Insert html into $PAGE$-index.html and save

You should have some html from the previous step that starts with an H1. Insert everything within the article tags



page redesign

My view is that this homepage is more like a blog. I am in the process of trying a few new things: update it often, generate it statically on my mac, write in markdown and to re-host my domain at Amazon or Google, with free webspace and the ability to run Docker Images to add some server capabilities directly to the site.

I am working on a complete redesign the mechanics and content management behind my whole site. My intention is to use the forthcoming open source swift static site generator from John Sundell when ready.

For now, this is just one big markdown page hosted elsewhere.